The Tree of Life Tarot Reading


Tree of Life Tarot Reading for Spiritual Guidance

I offer tarot readings for your spiritual growth. For me the tarot is a sacred tool for eliciting the ephemeral guidance of the Spirit. The Spirit is not interested in forecasts or gossip. The Spirit wants you to evolve out of your limitations and the tarot enables you to understand those limitations in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual expressions. Once you are aware, you can move into acceptance and finally work towards transmutation of everything that is not aligned to your highest good.

The Tree of Life Reading

The Kabbalistic Tree of life is the fundamental infrastructure through which the creative energy finds expression. The 10 sephirots that make up the tree of life  commingle in a gazillion ways for material manifestations that eventually occur. Thus, working with the sephirots is like working at the root level. This enhances the quality of your energy expression on all levels. If the foundations are solid, the structure is resilient.

Guidelines for asking questions:

  1. You can ask three questions. It should be related. It is advisable to stick to one area of life so there is greater clarity.
  2. Do not ask close ended question. A yes or no answer is never equipped to deal with the complexities of life.
  3. Phrase your questions in an empowered way. What do I mean by that? Let tarot be a tool of guidance for you instead of answers. You are creating your world one thought at a time. What is true today may not be true tomorrow depending upon the thoughts you think, the emotions you generate and the actions you take. So instead of asking ” When will I get married?”, ask “What lessons do I need to integrate before I marry my ideal partner?”. Instead of asking “Will my business be successful?” ask “What can I do to ensure the success of my business?”
  4. I would need a recent picture to tap into your energy. Once you make the payment take a screenshot and email it along with your questions and picture at

This reading includes :

1. Two page summary of the Tree of Life and the meaning of the 10 sephirots and how energy expression happens through the same for your manifestations.

2. Your reading in detail. I will be breaking down the energy expression of all the sephirots. The reading will be in the form of a video.

3. A 3-card Oracle guidance for your circumstances as a bonus.

If you wish to discuss the reading further over phone, I will be more than happy to do so for a max of 15 minutes.



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