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Do you crave for meaning and purpose in your life? What if I told you that there is no meaning to life other than what you are creating. Would you get overwhelmed by the realization of the fact that everything that has happened in your life has been an unconscious manifestation of energy or would you jump with glee and get excited about learning how to manifest the best life for yourself; full of purpose, meaning, abundance and joy.  This is an evolutionary coaching call.

Our life is essentially a manifestation of energy at four levels :

  1. The Physical: This includes our body, health, fitness, house, property, career, business, diet etc.
  2. The Emotional: This includes our feelings, emotions, relationships, creativity, expression, aesthetics, social life, family life etc.
  3. The Mental: This includes our psychological health, intellectual pursuits, beliefs, habits, thought patterns etc.
  4. The Spiritual: There are two types of people in the world. People who are aware and people who are unaware. Spiritual life is all about the process of embodying your soul. Spiritual awakening is nothing but the awareness that the light of the soul has entered the body and this is the shift that marks the shedding of the ego. Everybody will get there depending upon the evolution of their soul. Earth is a school after all. The lessons you learn shift you to a higher state of being.

Empathetic and Intuitive people are essentially old souls who are spiritually evolved. It is their responsibility to serve as light bearers and show the path to others who are flailing but demonstrate a desire for ascension.

You can sign up for one in-depth session and then decide whether you are ready and committed for making the shift by signing up for the package. We’ll allow the session to be as long as needed as we do your energy audit. This will give you some clarity regarding how you are employing your energy and the blocks and diversions therein.

Send an email at with a screenshot of your payment to schedule your consultation.



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