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Tesla’s 369, the Tree of Life & the Art of Manifestation

In my free spirited endeavour for knowledge, I never really bothered with what’s practical and logical for building a career and having a bank balance. The credit goes to my father who never let me feel any scarcity in my life. I was always provided for while growing up. Everytime I felt called to learn something or delve into an experience, I surrendered without any hesitation or analysis of the monetary impact. So far I have delved into banking, management, law, holistic health, kabbalah, tarot, yoga, psychology, etc.  and I am now moving into education and entrepreneurship. This has probably been the greatest contributor to my mental acumen; the freedom to engage with my curiosity. While quantum jumps can be made at the physical and emotional level, the mental evolution of man requires incremental development. This is an evolutionary reality. The mind is the next frontier for our kind. The mental health epidemic that has emerged in the current pandemic is evidence of this. As per neuroscientists, we are at max using 4% of our mental powers currently. Humans are here to evolve and evolve you must. You could take the path of suffering or the path of light. Being aware of these two paths is probably a testimonial of your spiritual awakening by itself. Most of humanity have no understanding or clarity about the state of duality they live in and the choices that they make with every breath that push them further down these two paths.

Manifestation is something that has taken up a lot of space in the spiritual community of late. What is manifestation though? Manifestation is the art of creating with our minds in a conscious manner. Everything that is part of our reality is anyway a manifestation of our desires. Conscious manifestation is the realization of the spiritual truth that we create our own reality. In the yogic tradition the human body does not end with the physical container but is described as a vessel with five sheaths or the panchkoshas. These are the food body, the mental body, the energy body, the wisdom body and the bliss body. While we only see the physical body and assume that we start and end with it, our being is bigger than that. These layers are full of impurities and the ultimate goal of our lives is to clean these up and merge into the divine by opening up the bliss body which connects us to the boundless Spirit. Every individual is born with a certain pattern of being created by the memories and imprints carried by these sheaths. Think of your reality as a hologram projected by your individual panchkoshas.

There are many people who are using the Tesla Method of Manifestation. There are multiple versions doing the rounds on the internet but essentially the common theme is to write out the desired manifestation like it has already happened 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon and 9 times at night. Essentially, the practice is about priming our brains to expect our desires to manifest and this works because we manifest with our minds. When we program our minds to be one with our desires, there is nothing that can stop that manifestation from coming through. Ask and ye shall receive! However, a number of times there are energetic blocks to the receiving of what we have desired. These blocks are the subtle imprints we have on our panchkoshas. You could think of it as the ego that covers the light of our soul. Shedding the ego is thus the path to embody your soul and expand your consciousness and become a powerful manifestor.

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla 

369 is a divine code and this understanding of its significance came to me as a download. This is the part where the Tree of Life becomes relevant to the discussion. Here’s an excerpt from an article I published on the connection between the Tree of Life and the Tarot.
The Tree of life is one of those symbols which can be found in practically all the ancient cultures of the world. It’s a visual representation of the connection between so called heaven and earth. Be it the biblical Tree of Paradise, the Kalptaru from Hindu mythology or the Sefirotic Tree of life of the Kabbalists, they all signify the merge of matter and spirit resulting in fecundity.
Article – The Sephirotic Tree of Life & Tarot

Essentially, as per the Kabbalists, the Tree of Life is the fundamental infrastructure of creation. Anything that is manifested on the physical plane first finds expression on the spiritual plane and is brought down to the corporeal world through the ten sephirots which are the channels of energy through which the infinite spirit finds expression. The attributes of the human body also correspond to these sefirots. Read the article linked above or watch the video linked below for a better understanding of the same.


The Sephirotic Tree of Life

If you take a look at the Sephirotic tree of life in the image above, there are three paths. The left side corresponds to the feminine principle and the right side corresponds to the masculine principle. The middle path is where the two are in balance. Most representations of the sephirots include either Keter or Da’at as they are the same. Da’at is the perfected image of Keter, which is otherwise imperceptible. It corresponds to the third eye in the human body. Tiferet corresponds to the heart centre. Yesod corresponds to the sexual organs through which the creative energy finds its most primitive expression. Numerically Da’at is the 3rd Sefirot, Tiferet is the 6th Sefirot, Yesod is the 9th Sefirot and they link directly to Malchut which could be understood as the physical manifestation or the expression of spirit into matter. The shortest and straightest path from Kether to Malchut is the middle path or a state of alignment on the mental, emotional and physical plane for rapid manifestation to occur. I hope that makes some sense of the energetic mechanics behind the art manifestation. I don’t know whether writing what we want in a ritual manner that is being coined as the Tesla Method of Manifestation has any impact on the manifestation process beyond priming our minds but I do know that aligning your mind, emotions and spirit to the frequency of your desires creates shifts in your reality and enhances your spiritual powers of manifestation.

Look out this space for a course I am developing on the art of manifesting.



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