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Curate a High Vibe Home on a Budget

One of the easiest ways to create a shift in your reality is by managing the environment you live in. Home is where your heart is and the quality of your home environment has a tremendous impact on your emotional and mental states. This does not mean an expensive overhaul of fixtures and furnitures and fancy interior designing. What I am suggesting is purifying the subtle environment of your house. Cleanliness, plants, a slight sense of aesthetics coupled with knowledge can go a long way in curating the environment of your home for serenity.

In this blog, I will share 5 budget items that I use for maintaining a high vibrational environment at home.

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1. Diffuser for burning camphor

In the vedic tradition, camphor is considered as one of the purest substances and is a regular ritual offering. It symbolises transmutation of impurity through the element of fire. Camphor also repels insects and mosquitoes and is thus a natural and safer alternative to using chemical-laden insecticides and pesticides. Its rich aroma lingers in the air for enduring calm and serenity.

2. Air Purifying Plants

Plants enliven any space by adding a dash of colour and life. Air purifying plants have the ability to cleanse the air of toxins. They promote concentration, reduce fatigue and soothe the spirit. There is no item as life-affirming as plants for your home environment on this list.

3. Fairy Lights

Light is symbolic of hope and celebration. Fairy lights have this magical ability to imbue a room with the festive spirit. They are super easy on the wallet but their ability to enhance your mood is stupendous. Anybody who walks into my room never fails to comment on the lightness of being that they sense because of the aesthetics of the room. Safe to say that fairy lights are an essential decor item for me.

4. Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramids

While there are thousands of crystals and minerals and they have their own unique vibrational characteristics, I find black tourmaline as one the most versatile mineral for spiritual use. It works towards balancing and grounding of all the chakras. What sets it apart from other minerals is its ability to transmute negative energy into light.This makes it extremely low maintenance. For people prone to psychic attacks, it is extremely beneficial to keep it close to the body. Placing a black tourmaline pyramid near bathrooms and in the living room is a very practical way of maintaining the energy quality of the home environment.

5. Sacred Art

Symbols are very powerful channels of our unconscious expression. Every symbol is linked to a particular consciousness. By decorating the walls of your home with sacred symbols, pictures of deities, nature, etc. the unconscious gets linked to the consciousness being expressed in the art work. At some level you start developing your relationship with the sacred and beautiful and that is paramount for the evolution of your consciousness. It transforms your living space in an ephemeral manner and imbues it with character.

A happy and peaceful home is priceless. It doesn’t need a fat wallet but a heart full of love to create an environment where your spirit can find peace after the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Treat your house like an extension of your energy body. Keep it clean, dress it well, fix the broken stuff, remove the clutter and as Jordan Peterson says, “make it beautiful”!

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