Month: October 2020

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What is Dark Energy?

Sadhguru offers a yogic perspective on the phenomenon which modern scientists are referring to as “dark energy”. He explains that “Kala” refers to both time and space, as time is the basis of space, and that the word “Shiva”, meaning “that which is not”, refers to the dimension of unmanifested existence.

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Getting to the Winner’s Circle

Michael LeBoeuf is an internationally published author, and professional speaker. His eight books have sold almost two million copies, been translated into more than a dozen languages and adapted to produce 17 audio and video programs. In this video he crisply summarizes the three secrets of success.

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The Strangest Secret in the World

The Strangest Secret was a 1956 spoken word record by Earl Nightingale which sold over one million copies and received the first Gold Record for the spoken word, which helped launch the fields of business motivation and audio publishing. Listen daily for 90 days to seed this timeless wisdom in your consciousness.

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Tap your way out of negative states of being with EFT

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is an alternative healing modality for restoring emotional and mental wellbeing through tapping on acupressure points especially in the facial region. The technique was developed by Gary Craig and is a recommended treatment for war veterans suffering from PTSD. It is also referred to as psychological acupressure. EFT can be …

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