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Energy Accounting : A Move from Zero Sum Game to Positive Sum Game

Everything is energy and energy is everything. Anything that finds manifestation on the physical plane is also a form of energy. Matter is energy whose vibrations has been so lowered that it sort of congeals to give expression to a particular desire. Nothing was ever created without desire and therefore we must never repress our desires. The only striving for mankind has to be in elevating the quality of desires for a better quality of life.

Energy Accounting is a tool for looking at life from the perspective of energy. Why should we look at life from the perspective of energy? Because our focus on the physical aspects of life has dumbed us down, stifled our awareness, limited our self-expression and has fed our consciousness with scarcity mindset. Matter is limited and scarce. It works on the principle of zero-sum game. If I have a book and I donate it to a school, I would have one less. This would be akin to charity. It might make me feel good in return. Essentially, I have exchanged a physical product for emotional satisfaction if I were to look at this transaction from an energetic perspective. If I am not so charitable by nature, I might engage in a barter transaction with a friend where I get a book in exchange for mine. Here I have exchanged a physical product for another physical product from an energetic perspective.  This is the zero sum game model which is the principle of the physical world. It is characterized by scarcity & limitation. However, by becoming too enmeshed with the physical world we have imprinted the same scarcity principles to our minds which is not of the physical world and hence is not limited by the laws of the same. The mind belongs to the subtle world and is akin to the world wide web which is a repository of knowledge and information. However, you need to learn to navigate the same. There are pitfalls and addictions that show up in the form of gaming, netflix, shopping, porn, instagram, etc. that have to be transcended before you can hit the treasures trove of value. A book that has been uploaded on YouTube is available for use by anyone who is able to locate it. Not just that, the same book can be accessed by thousands of people at the same time. Nobody has to wait for someone else to finish reading in order to borrow a book. This is the fundamental principle of energy accounting. It is characterized by abundance, plurality, and subtlety. As we learn to operate by the laws of energy, we can accomplish more by doing less and employ the unlocked energy in creative pursuits that give meaning to our lives.

We create with our minds and we feel equal to the way we think. A mind that is trapped by the limitations of the physical world is a mind that has been fed the principles of scarcity and lack. This has a domino effect in creating the quality of our lives. Hence the first step towards bettering the quality and scope of your life is to decongest your mind from all the trappings of the physical world. This can be achieved but requires commitment. In my experience, maximum benefit is attained as result of multi pronged approach to a problem. However, it could be highly destabilizing as far as your physical environment is concerned as older manifestation that do not resonate with your new beliefs start to crumble away. You might lose your job, your business, old friends, etc. This is necessary. A new world is created on the remains of the old one. Not everybody will be willing to join you as you create your new orbit of existence. They don’t have to. Some will try their best to pull you down to their level.  You see, attachment is the root of all suffering. You have to decide the pace of your evolution and depending on that you can choose how to go about reining in your mind so that you become the master of your mind and it, your servant.

Key Takeaway:

  1. Physical world works on the principle of zero-sum game. It is characterized by finiteness, scarcity and stagnation. It’s nature is transactional.
  2. Our mind is not of the physical world. It’s subtle by nature and hence the principles of physical world do not apply. It’s nature is limitless, abundant and infinite.
  3. However, we have programmed our minds with the laws of the physical world and this is antithetical to its nature.
  4. Thus, by shifting our focus to understanding the energetic implications of our actions we can begin to align our minds with it’s true nature, which like energy is unlimited and infinite.

In the next post, I will chart out a roadmap for aligning your mind with links to resources that might be effective. Our mind develops incrementally and therefore patience is necessary as you embark on this path of mastering your mind. It’s worthy to give yourself a time frame of 2-3 years as you will be working on erasing and reprogramming the patterns of being that have solidified over thousands of years and has been passed down by ancestors. Your mind is linked to everyone you are connected to and as you shift these patterns you will be upgrading everyone in your orbit. Many who refuse to upgrade will fall off and you need to let them. The maximum whiplash will come from those closest to you but you should remain focused on the end goal and use it as an opportunity for growing your spiritual strength.

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