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Parallel Universes, Soul Retrieval, Quantum Jumping and the Meaning of 11:11

This is the most massive download I have received during my mediations. I was shown this view of the universe which consolidated the understanding of a lot of things that I have been researching and studying over the years. I have tried to recreate what was shown to me through pictures below. This is also probably the most designing I have done in my life so bear with me.

We know that the universe is continually expanding. I use the term know because there is no scientific proof for this or many of the other things I will talk about here. That’s why I have described it as a download; sourced from going within. It seems like The Big Bang is essentially still happening and we are in the 84th phase of Creation. Every bang releases massive waveform energy that spawns multiverses. The understanding is that the multiverses created by the first 63 have completely dissolved, 20 are still alive at different levels of vibrancy and the 21st is happening at the moment. In total, creation will happen 112 times. It will attain balance at this point and stabilize to become timeless and perpetual. We will then have an endless universe which is the ultimate design and desire of the creator; expansion until the creation becomes the creator. To draw an analogy, think of the ripples that are formed when a pebble is thrown in the pond. Depending on the force with which the pebble is thrown, ripples are generated and they keep expanding until the ones at the edge start disappearing. If we were to stack up this image one after the other and reach the 84th pebble that’s thrown into the water, that would kind of give a good image of what I am trying to communicate. All the ripples created when a pebble is thrown can be considered to be the parallel universes in a particular phase of Creation. Imagine 84 Creations stacked on top of each other. Out of this, 63 have completely died. There are 20 from the past that are still alive and their reverberations are at different levels of intensity. The 21st is happening as we speak. Phew!

So, we have 21 Creations with their own parallel realities which are intersections of time and space at different levels of vibrancy at this time. That number seems familiar, doesn’t it? That’s because it’s the number of transformation; the butterfly effect. The idea is that what you do persistently for 21 days helps create shifts for you as it aligns your intentions and actions across these dimensions of existence. It’s like by doing the same action over 21 days, you create a wave that is replicated and reiterated across the 21 universes and they come into alignment across the different planes. The only thing is that the intention should be so strong that it rips apart the resistance that will show up in the form of mental, physical and emotional blocks. At least, that’s my understanding. Further, 84 is the total number of yogasana & 112 is the total number of paths in the yogic system to attain sacred union. Also, 112 is the total number of chakras in the physical system you can work with. When you get fully enlightened, you open up the last two chakras which are outside the physical plane and become unbounded. The microcosm is just a low resolution snapshot of the macrocosm indeed.

Now what does this have to do with soul retrieval and quantum jumping? Well, for those who can be open to the idea that humans are multidimensional beings, it becomes a little easier to understand. There are aspects of you that are still alive across these different plane of existence we spoke about. Those who believe in reincarnation have a slightly easier time understanding it. The reason is simple, their mind is still open to the unknown. The idea is to integrate these aspects of us that are stuck in these parallel lives as fragments of our soul by traveling to these dimensions at a quantum level and disconnecting with that timeline. That’s why you need to sit still and meditate! But I admit that it’s a task to get to that place of stillness. It took immense fortitude, focus and strength of character for me to get there. I wasn’t born with these traits but I did cultivate then by applying that very powerful capacity that differentiates us from animals; free will and the conscious exercise of choice. I continue to ascend and it’s a choice I make every single day.

If we study the concept of reincarnation, past-lives, karma, soul-ties etc. and connect the dots we can understand the energetic implications of every moment of our life. These are all low resolution methods of studying the interconnectedness of the cosmos. However, they are immensely useful if you are starting off because you are low resolution when you are starting off. The understanding that every action has a consequence and that every action you set in motion will stay in motion until dissolution is the doctrine of Karma in one breath. Karma is not limited to conscious physical actions alone as many people understand it. Every single thought, word, intention or desire creates karma at the quantum level. Infact we create more karma through the projections of the unconscious than the conscious. Thus, the whole point of shadow integration by making the unconscious conscious as professed by Carl Jung, the psychoanalytic mystic. But, let’s not digress, that’s fodder for another blog.

Let’s move to understanding quantum jumping before we piece the whole tapestry together.

At the most basic level, I’ll try to explain how quantum leaps are made at the atomic level. The macrocosm is but a reflection of the microcosm on a bigger canvas.

I have employed my amateur designing skills to explain the phenomenon.

The atom is made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. This is chemistry 101 but for those of us who were not paying attention (including me!), I shall repeat. The nucleus is at the centre of the atom and consists of the subatomic particles called protons and neutrons which are bound together by nuclear force. Electrons are the subatomic particles that orbit the nucleus. There are different levels of orbits for different levels of energy. For an electron to jump to a higher level of orbit, it needs the equivalent energy to get into the excited state for making the jump. This energy can transmitted by bombarding the electrons with light. By absorbing the photons required for jumping to the next level, the electron is able to make a quantum leap, so to speak. This pattern repeats from the subatomic to the cosmic.

So when we talk about making leaps on a cosmic level, we are essentially quantum journeying upwards to a higher plane of existence by shedding entanglements to one of these past parallel lives we may have unfinished karma in. This is not easy. Infact, this is the work of a lifetime and everything in your world is a projection of this inner world that is seeking completion and wholeness through integration of these parallel selves.

Moving on to shamanism and soul-retrieval. The fundamental idea is that trauma or any intense experience can lead to fragmentation of the soul where a part of the soul escapes the body in anticipation of injury and pain. The loss of vitality that accompanies this further perpetuates a state of disconnection and incompleteness that survivors of trauma experience. The post traumatic stress disorder that soldiers and war veterans exhibit is often a result of soul loss. Addictions, codependency, distortions of thought and severe anxiety are some of the symptoms of the phenomenon. Further, staying present becomes difficult for people experiencing soul loss as a vast amount of their psychic energy is spent in trying to locate or integrate these parts of the soul back into their being. Inner child healing, which has become popular among therapists and healers, is just one aspect of this process where you deal with emotional trauma that you received in the formative years through neglect, abuse or other negative imprints that shows up as blocks in your life. However, your soul is ancient and you might not even be aware of the myriad pieces of it that are stuck in other dimensions or parallel realities from different lifetimes. These traumatic events are in a way orchestrated by your higher self and you can appreciate them only when you have undertaken the job of using that event as an opportunity to connect to the quantum field to see the bigger picture. The shaman’s job is to induce an altered state of consciousness and travel to the spirit world and retrieve these soul splatters stuck in time. Now this is not easy as you end up feeling all the pain that you were trying to escape in the first place and then you need to spend adequate time in processing these emotions. Thus it is advised to only consider this after adequate research has been done and under proper guidance.

Let’s understand it in this way. Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series is evil and he wanted to persist in energy form even after he lost his physical body. To do this he created Horcruxes which were nothing but soul splatters so that a part of him may live on. To do this was no ordinary thing because tearing your soul apart is dark magic and can only happen when evil is committed which he has no problem in perpetrating. Soul-retrieval is the complete opposite of this process. We start with the premise that Horcruxes have been created of our being unwittingly because of evil that was directed towards our being. The Kabbalists say that there are 613 fragments of our soul. Our job now is to put these pieces back and reclaim our sovereignty. It’s a hero’s journey indeed to travel back to that time at a quantum level, feel the feelings that ties us to points across time and space and release these energetic cords that toggle us into multiple different ways so that our souls may know wholeness. Another download I got regarding this is that people who show symptoms of this can be either stuck in the past or the future. Depression is generally symptomatic of being stuck in the past and anxiety of being stuck in the future. That is why the gist of all spiritual education is to be in the present moment. The present moment is your point of power. So someone who has got to that level of understanding needn’t read big books on spirituality, undergo psychotherapy, integrate the psyche, undertake shamanic journeys, or even do ayahuasca retreats. You need to do something in life that is so meaningful that you lose all sense of time. Timelessness is the quality of the Creator. As postulated, after the 112th bang there will be timelessness. As I became one with the present moment, I experienced the lightness of being. It’s not stabilized and it comes and goes but there’s absolutely nothing quite like it and I am still ascending! Most humans are stuck in the 3rd dimension of duality from what I understand. However, there are more humans awakening at this time as the veil gets thinner. There is massive energetic support at this point of existence to shift to a higher plane of existence. Isn’t this whole pandemic situation an opportunity to become still and focus within? It ultimately boils down to how you look at it.

As far as the 11:11 time portal is concerned, it was shown to me that it represents a state of being on the axis of alignment. The link to the spiritual world is the strongest when you are centered. It affirms to the spiritual seekers that they are on the right path.

Referring to the picture above, 11:11 represents that moment of oneness where all the projections of your past-selves and your future-selves merge at the various plane of existence along the axis of oneness. Does not necessarily mean that you have successfully quantum jumped the ten parallel realities on the left that are hooked to the past and the 10 parallel realities on the right that represent the future as a result of the actions of your past selves and attained union of at the highest level. However, it does signify that you have attained balance at that particular plane of existence. This might be momentary or sthita prajna ( steady and embodied).

The picture above shows a one dimensional representation so I would like you to keep the analogy of the pebble and waves in your awareness, although that has its own limitations. The highest level is the 21st universe which is 11th from the left and 11th from the right. Hence, 11:11! This is the point where the creation merges with the creator. Dropping down from this centre is the axis of oneness at the different planes. This can be equated with the trajectory of the pebble; the point of origin where the force is the strongest. All the 11 realities on the left and right are connected and the distance between them is a function of the density of the plane of projection. That’s why an aligned mind is called a kalpavriksha. Here you are linked to the Universal Mind. You thus become a channel for messages to be transmitted and magnetic by nature. However, messages received might suffer from distortions created by the screens of illusions on top. There’s my disclaimer; this may not be the whole truth even though it’s channelled since I still have my own illusions to deal with. They might be fewer than others because of the work I have done but I’m still on the path. These veils get thinner and there is more reception of the light as you keep moving up until you become one with the creator. So technically you can ascend till the 10th dimension and then the next step is to become one with Source. I wonder if that has anything to do with the 10 Avatars of Vishnu or the 10 Sefirot of the Kabbalists. If you look at the image, it forms a triangle which is also the shape that is considered most stable in yogic literature for the human form to be in the receptive state. The challenge is to maintain that centredness at whatever plane you might be currently at as it is the shortest path to transcendence. This centeredness needs to be maintained regardless of what’s happening in your environment. It’s supremely easy to fall from grace. Maintaining this centeredness is difficult when you have responsibilities and are in a family dynamic and that’s why historically spiritual seekers left their homes when they got on to the path and chose a life of celibacy. However, the point of mastery is to master yourself in a fashion that you aren’t affected by what happens around you. You need to relish the contrast really as it’s a feedback mechanism and gives you the awareness of the direction to maintain. Your self-realization is a gift to the world and not to be tucked away in a cave or on a mountain top.

That’s all that I have for now. Until next download. This, being centred all the time, is no joke man. What induces a sense of timelessness in you? It’s time to cultivate that, wouldn’t you say?


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