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Tap your way out of negative states of being with EFT

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is an alternative healing modality for restoring emotional and mental wellbeing through tapping on acupressure points especially in the facial region. The technique was developed by Gary Craig and is a recommended treatment for war veterans suffering from PTSD. It is also referred to as psychological acupressure.

EFT can be used by anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, sadness, PTSD, etc. The gist of the technique is that tapping these pressure points gets the energies flowing through invisible channels which are called meridians in Chinese medicine or nadis in Yoga. When the flow of energy gets blocked, it is felt as discomfort and tapping these points and using an affirmation to release these blockages restores balance of chi or prana.

There are nine pressure points that you tap using two fingers or more in a sequence while you speak the affirmations. You can choose to tap either on the left or right side of your body. These points are:

EFT Tapping Points 

1. Karate Chop (Along the edge of your palm)

2. Eyebrows

3. Side of eyes

4. Under the eyes

5. Under the nose

6. Under the lips

7. Collar bone

8. Under the arm

9. Top of the head

EFT Tapping Points 

How to Tap?

1. Identify the emotion you are feeling.

What are you feeling? Anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, worried ?

Once you have identified the issue, rate the intensity of the feeling on a scale of 1-10.

2. Create the set up affirmation. It would be something like this:

“Even though I am feeling stressed right now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

At this stage we are simply acknowledging the feeling. You have no idea how much resistance pops up when you actually start practicing this. We can’t change something that we can’t accept and therefore acknowledging your feelings are the first step towards shifting them. Repeat the statement thrice while you tap on the karate chop point. Be sure to emphasise on the second part of the affirmation.

3. In the third step, bring forth everything that you want to express with respect to the emotion that has been acknowledged. In this step, everything that is bubbling under the surface is allowed to come to the fore. You do this while tapping the rest of the points sequentially. All that conversation you keep having in your head, just vent it out in this step. This gives a signal to your brain to be calm and relaxed even when a pain point is being addressed. This is the step where the real shift happens. Do this twice as you tap through the points sequentially. You can use the same statement as you tap along the points or you can use variations of the same. It may be phrased as under:

” This stress i am feeling for my presentation tomorrow is making me anxious.

This stress i am feeling for my presentation tomorrow is exaggerated since i have made many presentations before.

This stress I am feeling is all in my head.

This stress I am feeling is unnecessary.

This stress I am feeling is too much.”

4. In the final step, tap along the points and focus on letting go of these emotions. While all of it will not disappear completely at one go, you might already be experiencing a de-escalation after step 3. Do one cycle of tapping addressing the same. It may sound like this:

” Even though I still feel stressed, I choose to deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I still feel this stress for the presentation tomorrow, I choose to release all the stress that I am ready to release right now.

Even though there is still a little stress regarding my presentation tomorrow, i choose to love and accept myself completely. “

Notice the use of word “choose” in the affirmation at this stage. Words are powerful and by stating that you choose to let go, you exercise your will for your liberation from unpleasant emotions and feeling states and that is a very powerful thing. Human consciousness ripens through the exercise of choice.

5. Rate the intensity of the emotion at this stage. Hopefully you would feel calmer and more relaxed compared to when you started. Use this technique as often as you need and tailor it according to the situation. You only need to focus on replacing fear with love and acceptance.

With EFT, we essentially work on the psychosomatic connection. Our emotional states are linked to our brain activity. When we feel the emotions of fear, our brain taps into its evolutionary memory and devolves to a reptilian state where the focus is on survival. The brain induces the body chemistry of stress by secreting the relevant hormones in order to overcome that threat. These negative emotional states are trapped in our energy body and with the help of tapping, we bring it up for release and thus rewire our brains by consciously de-escalating a perceived threat, which is hardly related to survival anymore but mostly created by our monkey minds.

If you found this information valuable, choose to share it with someone who might find this useful. Contribute to the evolution of human consciousness.

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